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Beautiful Hippeastrum Flower Varieties, Selfed not Crossed Seeds

This listing is for many varieties of Beautiful Flowering Hippeastrum seeds –
grow your own save lots of money.

Hippeastrum Amaryllis, Family Amaryllidaceae, subfamily Amaryllidoideae Beautiful.These are NO ID and Named varieties, and crosses, self pollinated 2015.

Each seed count is minimum of that stated.. most have many more seeds than the 10..
some are rarer and you may only get 12 seeds
For every 5 packs bought I will throw in a gift pack of a different random colour.
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Hippeastrum Flower varieties, Selfed not Crossed - U pick Seeds No 1


Beautiful Coloured Mix – lost tag – 30 seeds

Native to tropical and subtropical regions of the Americas from Argentina north to Mexico and the Caribbean.

White no 2 IMG_2585


Huge White No 2 X Selfed 10 seeds





Striking colours, a nice display, especially when grown in a mass planting, wonderful along fences, and under trees –
very showy and large size flowers.

Pretty pink 9 IMG_4470

Pretty Pink No 9 X Selfed 10 seeds





They can flower from September to November.  It will take about 3 years to mature and flower.  At that stage they have grown into large bulbs are tough and do well on neglect, even handle drought, but you do get better flowers with deep well drained soil in a moist environment, out of the frost.
Peach glow 18 - apricot , cream and green IMG_5007

Peach Glow 18 X Selfed 10 seeds





Plants flourish when given morning sun and afternoon shade, but grow in almost any environment.  Except area where the ground freezes in winter.
Crimson red no 34, dark throat boganvillia IMG_4376

Crimson Red No 34 x selfed 10 seeds





This is a very cheap way to get what are otherwise quite expensive bulbs.
Easy to grow, either by floatation or potting mix method.

Flamenco Queen X Tosca cream & crimson veins and picottee edge green throat beautiful single IMG_2388


Flamenco Queen x Tosca – Selfed 10 seeds





Red pearl X Luna 6 pale crimson red IMG_2887


Red Pearl X Luna (Dark) X selfed 10 seeds

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crimson Red no 33 superb dark throat IMG_4335


Crimson Red No 33 X selfed -10 seeds





Pink Cybister sweet many IMG_5088


Pink Cybister X sweet – Many X Selfed -10 seeds





Chubby Marie


Chubby Maree, pink orange X selfed -10 seeds   $7.00





White crimson stripe no 5 vitattum IMG_4357


Floppy Vittatum crimson stripe x selfed 30 seeds




Red-White no 10, 11, 12, 13 IMG_4341


Red White No 10 X selfed -10 seed $7.00







Red Edge on White - green throat IMG_4054


Red Edge on White x selfed 10 fresh seeds $7.00



red lion devide fence 20141004_111102

Red Lion No 11 X Selfed – 10 seeds






Hot Pink no 6 - banana IMG_4201


Hot pink No 6 X Selfed – 10 seeds   $7.00





Huge Pink, red and green center IMG_43290


Huge Pink, Red green Centre X self – 10 seeds     $7.00




White Orange Edge Single, pale & pretty IMG_4030


White Orange Edge single X self – 10 seeds   $7.00





Russian Hallo X Black Diamond - dark red IMG_4230


Russian Hallo X Black Diamond X self – 10 seeds   $9.00





IMG_3306 silky white 001 cut


White silky 001 X Self – 10 seeds




Delicate Large Vitattum - fine crimson veins IMG_5172


Delicate Large Vittatum X self – 10 seeds $7.00





Russian Hallo X Mt Blanc .. Exquisite Red- Orange, - dark throat IMG_5809


Russian Hallo X Mt Blanc X self – 10 seeds





Red dark throat Temptation X Gervase IMG_4003


Temptation X Gervase X selfed – 10 seeds





Pink Cybister sweet - salmon IMG_5093


Pink Cybister X Sweet Salmon X self – 10 seeds





Pale Orange White No 7 - picottee edge - storm damage IMG_5265


Orange No7 x self – 10 seeds





Amman - White & Apricot stripe Cybister X 3 IMG_5307


Apricot No 3 X self – 10 seeds



mumma kitty red


Mumma Kitty Red X self – 10 seeds




Appleblossom X Elvas - Orange spot, picottee on white, green ceneter IMG_4512


Apple Blossom X Elvas spot picotee X self – 10 seeds